Bring Me Back

- Recovery -

Give muscles the necessary ingredients to rebuild, repair and recover.


Try out: You're Out Smoothie, Really Went Down Bowl, Bring Me Back Juice,
Recovery Shot, Cobb-Fit Salad

Flush & Go

- Detox -

Unleash the natural healing power of the body by ridding built up toxins.


Try out: Flush & Go Cleanse, Flush & Go Juice,
Hang Me Out To Dry Juice, Detox Shot

Get Lit

- Energy -

Energize with ingredients designed to oxygenate the blood creating increased brain function and physical energy.


Try out: High Key Smoothie, Get Lit Cleanse, Get Lit Juice,
Energy Shot, High Performance Coffee

Loving Life

- Health & Wellness -

Ingredients formulated to be heart healthy and immune boosting.


Try out: Can't Be Sure Smoothie, Too Much Is Never Enough Bowl, Loving Life Cleanse, Loving Life Juice,
Wellness Shot, Green Health Shot, Wheatgrass Shot

Make Me Young

- Anti-Age -

Recipes that contain the right amount of antioxidants that can help avoid stress and damage to the body due to environment and everyday living.


Try out: Make Me Young Juice, Strawberry Spinach & Goat Cheese Salad

Starting Today

- Weight Loss -

Reshape the body with low-calorie juices and essential nutrients.


Try out: Starting Today Cleanse, Starting Today Juice,
Kale, Chicken & Quinoa Salad


- Immunity -

Ingredients that are formulated to boost immunity, and help break up and remove toxins from the body.


Try out: You're In Smoothie, Trying To Get Some Leeway Bowl,
Keep The Doctor Away Juice, Flu Shot 

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